About Me

Expert Guide: Dive into the unknown Argentina!

My passion is to discover and travel to unique, unknown destinations in natural environments, off the beaten tracks!

How did I become a nature guide?

My German-genes for perfectionism and quality, as well as my Danish interest for design and my Argentinian humor, made me manage different interests, such as traveling through several continents, since a youngster, and working as an engineering for big companies.

In my twenties I was a passionate climber in the breathtaking Andes and in some of the highest mountains of Africa. Always looking for the next exciting adventure.

As I got into my thirties I started driving through Africa’s North to its South with my 4×4 off-road vehicle or I was flying as a bush-pilot over incredible deserts and steppes – an amazing experience…

By that time GPS was just invented, so I learned to be on my own in the nature, in places which no one had explored yet, only equipped with paper maps as well as compass. Sometimes it was scary, not knowing when you will see humans the next time. Sometimes it was a mixture of stunning, and a rush of adrenaline running through your body being alone in this wonderful part of the nature.

Finally in my forties I decided to quit my office job, as project and quality manager for an international company, turned my passion into my job – living the adventure – and started my own company, I have always dreamed of.

Why did I became a nature guide?

My purpose as a guide is to share my joy while traveling through nature. My pleasure is to make others feel the same intense relationship with nature that I have been feeling for all these years. First in Africa, now in the Northwest region of Argentina, next to Atacama, in the desert landscapes of South America. I want to make it possible for more people, than just me to discover epic, wild nature adventures!

My gain is to give you the chance to change your perspective in life, as I did, and enable you to have a transformative adventurous expedition, where you will enjoy, and learn about geology, archeology and local communities lifestyle.

To prevent you from any risk, every contingency measure is seriously taken. The trips are about creating a confident atmosphere. Challenging you to go beyond the edge of comfort and enabling you to find out what is waiting there, with a professional and reliable nature guide.

That’s my gain through professional expeditions into some of the last white spots on the map – in the wild north-west of Argentina, the Puna.

“For me it was the trip of a long lifetime – and memories of it, will stay vivid for the rest of my life!” Robin V, 80, France

“We appriciate your expertise.” Shan De Silva, 55, USA

“Abbiamo conosciuto Walter in occasione di un viaggio in foristrada vei deserti andini ….” Marcella & Elio, 60 & 65, Italy

“Only two words spring to my mind when I press the rewind-button of this trip: Magic and passion.. ” Inge & Jurgen, Belgium

“Ohne Kamera und Tagebuch wären wir überfordert, die Eindrücke zu sortieren und so in unserem Gedächtnis zu verankern. Kurzum: Wir sind begeistert!” Martin & Martina & Stefan & Tobias, 53, 51, 19, 17, Germany


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