You want to live the extreme?
You want to travel by a 4×4 car through unexplored dessert and mountain regions?
So this is what you need!

Safari 4X4

Off the road. No one around you. You, your car and the nature gets one. Feel the silence and the sound of your engine, trying to get up the dune. See the extraordinary! Landscapes, unique in this world. With a guide on your site, who has years of experience and knowledge to share with you!


You always wanted to have the best picture you can get?
In one of the most unique landscapes.
To show everyone pictures nearly no one took before?
So do it!

Photo & Drone

Barren but colorful. Rocky and dry, but still a living nature surviving these conditions. Plants you have never seen before. Mountains, volcanoes and deserts unique in this world. Pictures not from this world. Thanks to your guide you can discver these remote and wonderful places. Find your unique picture!


Searching for a Trip out of the ordinary? But still safety and a little bit of comfort? You want to experience and learn about the nature? A unique nature in this World? Have a once in a lifetime experience?


We're going to show you the beauty of mother nature. Nature nearly no one has yet explored. In safe and comfortable landcruisers. Traveling with our experienced guides will enable you to sit back, relax and enjoy the most stunning Your guide has a lot of knowledge for you and is educated for every emergency. You will just enjoy the most stunning landscapes in the world! An experience your family will always remember!


You want to know and explore more? See something new and unknown? Study it?So start learning now!


The Puna is a unique place in this world. It is one of the driest non-polar places on earth. With a incredible diversity. Full of history going from the Stone Age to the ancient Inca and the Spanish conquers. Lots of different kinds of geological formations. Plants which survive in one of the driest climates in the world. And a guide who can show and tell you about all of it!


You love to be in the nature? Off the beaten tracks?
Sleeping in the middle of nowhere?


You have seen a lot already. But this is different from all you know so far. It's a unique place and difficult to go by your own. Still possible with your own 4x4 car. Stunning landscapes are waiting there for you. Let a guide, who loves overlanding, show you where to go this time. Get in to one of the last white spots on the map, in this unearthly mountain and dessert region. Experience the Puna!


You want to create your one trip? Explore the nature with your own guide?
See the unknown with everything you need prepared? We are here to make it possible!

Premium Explore

We create a trip just made for your wishes, needs and dreams! You can see the extraordinary, unique landscapes of high mountain, desert and volcano regions, without the need of preparing anything. Have a glass of Champagne nearly alone, in a place so special, you can't compare it to any other! And a very experienced and knowledgeable guide, to show you all of it. As well as guarantees your safety!

The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.  Sir Richard Burton.


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the undiscovered
with an expert

With over 20 years of exploring, 4×4 globe trotting, adventuring and mountanaineering experience, Walter leads professionally run expeditions to unknown and remote places of the Puna in South America, a land of ancient ecosystems over a billion years old. It´s like traveling to the beginning of time.

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